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Sherri LaVela

Research Health Scientist at Hines VA
Research Associate Professor at Northwestern University

Sherri L. LaVela has conducted research across several fields and believes that the most desirable (and sustainable) outcomes are accomplished through research and interventions across multiple levels (patient/person, informal caregiver/family, health care provider/staff, facility/organization, and community) and multiple disciplines. Much of her research has focused on patient (person)-centered care and equitable health care for special populations, including individuals with neurological disorders, physical disabilities (e.g., multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and disorders, traumatic brain injury), veterans, and older adults. She is also interested in the study of psychosocial concepts such as resilience, as well as the role of the environment, and patient-provider communication in meeting overall well-being and functional needs in persons with disabilities. Dr. LaVela has expertise in program evaluation, implementation science, and statistics/use of mixed methodology for research.


PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago
MPH, University of Illinois-Chicago


Patient experience
Patient-reported outcomes
Family-centered care and informal caregiving
Health and well-being of individual
Implementation of evidence-based strategies toward optimal health care and delivery, physical function, and weight management