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The Framily and Mental Health Lab is led by Dr. Ranak Trivedi. "Framily" include family members and friends who are like family. Our lab focuses on disease management by patients and the framily who care for them. More specifically, the lab aims to identify barriers and facilitators of chronic illness self-management, understand dyadic relationships between patients and caregivers in managing chronic illnesses, developing framily centered self-management programs, and create culturally attuned approaches to disease management.   

National Alliance for Caregiving

Take Care Community Initiative

The Take Care Community is a site that houses resources for family caregivers submitted by family caregivers and those in the family caregiver community. We are looking for sites, services, supports and research that can be beneficial to family caregivers in their caregiving journey. With a generous donation from Genworth, we are also gathering resources fo family caregivers who have experienced grief and/or loss.

Check it Out!

The Truth About Model Minority Myth: Talking with Henrietta

For several decades many of us have heard the term Model Minority to describe Asians Americans in the U.S. On this show, four Asian American Stanford University professors (including the Framily & Mental Health Lab Principal Investistigator, Dr. Ranak Trivedi), discuss whether the term Model Minority applied to Asian Americans is factual or just a myth, and the ramifications the term Model Minority has on the Asian American community. This video discussion is part of the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media's Stop the Hate Media Campaign, which is supported by a grant from the State of California. The grant is administered by the California State Library.

Caregiver SAATHI

Challenges & Complexities of Caregiving

The founder of Caregiver SAATHI, Bhavana Issar, spoke at the prestigious Global Digital Health Summit, Expo & Awards. Her deeply moving speech brought to light the emotional, financial, and societal complexities of caregiving, a topic close to her heart and the very mission of Caregiver Saathi. Bhavana shared her experience with caregiving, which began with her father's diagnosis of a rare neurological condition in the 1990s. She poignantly delved into the emotional and financial strains it brings upon families, emphasizing the 190 million people in India alone who are navigating long-term conditions.

Featuring Dr. Ranak Trivedi

Women in Medicine

Some women in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Medicine were asked to share their stories - what advice they would give someone starting in the field, what well-being strategies they use, and what inspires them.

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